About Us

Whether you are wanting greater thermal performance or building an architectural home, we've got more than 20 years of expertise and experience in delivering superior triple glazing window solutions throughout New Zealand.

A long-standing Otago business with family origins, Michael and Kathryn Brenssell have been hands-on in the business for 20 years and are proud of the reputation they have built for producing joinery that makes a difference. After operating as Vistalite Otago providing services from everyday residential homes to recreational and commercial properties, we felt it was time to recognise our achievements and develop the stand-alone brand E13 Windows for our future.

We cater to the harsh climates of Central Otago and the South Island and the contrasting difference in parts of the North Island warmer climate.

After starting a business with cottage building for architecture homes in Dunedin, Michael saw the potential in providing window and door solutions that added to the aesthetics of these homes while offering great thermal performance, a combination necessary in the South, home of spectacular views but harsh winters. With their ability to create airtight homes without compromising on the style proving a success in Dunedin and the greater Central Otago region, they are now offering sophisticated and versatile triple glazing window solutions throughout New Zealand. 

Michael & Kathryn Brenssell

A qualified Carpenter, experience in the construction industry and commercial sector, Michael is well versed in using these skills as a business owner, managing a team of skilled people ensuring the reputation built to date continues to be seen within the results of both residential and commercial settings of sophisticated window and door solutions. As a chartered accountant, Kathryn’s skills are the perfect complement to Michael’s having also spent several years involved in business advisory.